The Promoter of Suwannee Hulaween®, Hula Holdings, LLC, and the host venue, the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park®, strive to make the festival accessible to all guests.


We ask that you fill in and email your request no later than October 18, 2021.  The ADA Request Form is found at this link:

Should you need assistance filling out this form please contact the Spirit of the Suwannee camping office at 386/364-1683 or email your request for assistance to


If you need to contact us, please email to: During the Festival, you may contact us in person at the following location: Spirit of the Suwannee Camping Office from 8am to 5pm or you may telephone us at 386-364-1683 (between 8am and 5pm). After these hours and during the Festival – Event Staff in the venue will have radios. Security will call for an Escort on the Escort channel. Please ask an Event Staff person to assist you. If you have a medical emergency call 911.

Beginning Thursday, October 27, 2021 at Noon, ADA Armbands may be obtained at the First Aid Tent located at the Lake First Aid Station.


We have set aside an ADA camping area in the Loop. This location is approximate to the Park Office, Country Store, Spirit Lake, and the major music venues. ADA portable toilets and sinks will be set up there. Camping is limited to a mobility impaired guest and one companion, along with parking for one car, pickup truck or van (which must have a State-issued ADA parking credential). The closest shower facility is located near the ADA Camping Area in the Loop.

4. A golf cart shuttle service is available by calling: 386-364-1683. You may also reach out to any security or event staff with a radio to call for the ADA shuttle. The shuttle can transport a disabled guest and one companion along with a wheelchair, etc. The normal hours of operation are Noon – 2:00am.


When you arrive at the Festival, please park your vehicle at the ADA camping area. Guests are discouraged from driving their personal vehicles around the Park during the Festival. There are a limited number of ADA parking spaces located in front of the Music Hall, and additional temporary ADA parking spaces located just east of the Park Office along River Road. However, once you arrive at the Festival, we urge you to use either the free general shuttle bus service or the golf cart shuttle service. You must have a state-issued disabled parking permit in order to park in this area.


There are paved roads, some of which have vehicle traffic restricted to staff and production, that traverse the Park. River Road runs from the Park entrance all the way to the beach at the Suwannee River. Lake Road runs from near the Music Hall and Country Store on River Road, past the Amp Stage, past Spirit Lake, and into the 80 acres. Loop Road runs from River Road near the Country Store to the ADA camping/parking area.

Apart from the limited paved roads, there are a few gravel roads, but much of the terrain is relatively flat and sandy. Within the venues, many of the travel lanes can get congested with pedestrians. The Park consists of over 800 acres, so there are considerable distances involved in traveling between music venues, Spirit Lake, and the ADA camping area.

The use of off-road wheelchair tires and pneumatic tire repair kits is recommended. Depending upon weather, some of the terrain can consist of loose sand, gravel, and mud; under extreme circumstances the ground can become saturated with some ponding.

The heavily-wooded Spirit Lake area consists of mulched or gravel sand paths with some lighting, branch or tree root hazards.

The Park Office, Music Hall and Country Store are connected to limited ADA parking by paved surfaces with some slight inclines. In front of the Country Store there is a 24-hour accessible ATM machine.

There is an accessible first aid station located at the Lake Checkpoint.

We do not offer rentals of accessibility devices.

If you need help getting to an ADA viewing area in a music venue, you may wish to consider taking a golf cart shuttle.


If you bring a mobility device, you must use it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Only disabled guests may use mobility devices. Manual and power-assisted wheelchairs, three and four-wheel mobility scooters, walkers, crutches, canes, braces, and knee scooters are allowed. Two wheeled scooters, golf carts and ATV’s and other devices that move faster than walking speed are not allowed. If you have a different type of mobility device than described above, please submit an ADA request form along with a detailed description of the device no later than October 18, 2021, so that we may evaluate whether or not you can bring the device.

While not offered as an accessibility service, all guests are eligible to purchase one of a limited number of golf cart passes via the Festival website. All golf carts must meet the Park’s Golf Cart policy. Please review the following link Please note, some vehicles will not be allowed in the Park. Guests must show proof of insurance and sign a liability waiver.

You are expected to recharge your powered mobility device at your campsite or in the ADA camping area. Depending upon demand, we reserve the right to establish a schedule for use of electrical outlets. Charging stations are only for necessary ADA devices. You are solely responsible for your mobility device, so please bring an adequate lock for that purpose.

We reserve the right to deny use of any device deemed dangerous, in poor operating condition, or a danger to others. Golf carts are not allowed in the main concert venue.


In the Main Stage, The Hallows, The Ampitheater music venues, there are limited ADA viewing areas that are available on a first-come, first serve basis for a mobility impaired guest and one companion. We ask that you not bring folding chairs into the ADA viewing areas; however, if you need an exception to that policy, please contact us in advance on an ADA request form. Guests in these areas must first obtain an ADA wristband from the First Aid Tent located at the Lake Check-Point.

Proximate to each music venue, and at Spirit Lake, there are ADA accessible portable toilets and sinks; there is also access to potable water.

These facilities will be marked with signs featuring the blue background with a person in a wheelchair.


Legitimate service dogs are welcome so long as the animal stays with the guest, displays a current proof of vaccination, is kept under leash or voice control, is housebroken, and fecal deposits are collected and properly disposed of. Your service dog must never be left unattended!

Emotional support animals, therapy dogs, pets of any kind, and companions are not allowed.

There will be a dog relief area set aside in the ADA camping area. However, you must pick up after your service dog.

You must check in your service animal upon entry to the Festival and you and the dog must display assigned credentials at all times. Florida law makes it a misdemeanor crime to misrepresent a dog as a “service animal” as defined in Section 413.08, Florida Statutes. We retain the right to ask legitimate questions and observe the dog in order to ascertain whether or not the dog is a “service animal” under the law.

We reserve the right to eject a guest and his/her service animal for a violation of the Park rules.


Based upon a timely request from someone legally visually impaired or hard of hearing on an ADA request form, we can provide reasonable ASL services or other services, and can provide access to Festival materials in large print or Braille formats. The deadline to request services is: October 18, 2021.


All prescription medications must be in an original container with the guest/patient’s name and be accompanied by a photo identification. You might consider asking for a smaller prescription size to last the duration of the Festival. If you require to take medicine or medical device such as an oxygen tank into Spirit Lake and the music venues, then please submit an ADA request form by October 18, 2021. If your medicine requires temperature control, you must bring your own cooler, and ice is available to purchase in the General Store. If you are staying in a park model cabin (VIP), then you will have working refrigerator/freezer.

Be aware, that all bags are subject to search, and you are best served to pre-clear any medical needs in advance of the Festival by timely submitting an ADA request form. If medications must be brought into the Festival venue then guests must first obtain an ADA wristband from the First Aid Tent located at the Lake Checkpoint.


If anything was not covered clearly in this guide related to ADA accessibility, then please submit an ADA request form as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please Note: Payment plan deposit amounts will be visible on the last page of checkout, just under
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Please Note: Payment plan deposit amounts will be visible on the last page of checkout, just under
your credit card information.