Pretty Lights



Pretty Lights is a musical project known for a unique fusion of electronic beats, poetic samples, modular synthesizers, and live musicians. Intricate sonic tapestries combined with dynamic breathing light shows transport listeners to cosmic planes, seamlessly blending the past and future into a rich present moment.

After a five-year hiatus, Pretty Lights is back with a newly constructed inter-dimensional soundship spacesystem. This frequency powered vehicle is designed to facilitate improvisational and expressive performances between himself and other artists across musical and visual mediums. The live show network allows for real-time data and control signals to be shared, creating a connected space for experimentation and creativity.

Dubtronic hiphop techno futurepast soul, audiovisual spectrally driven lightshows, non-timecoded fully generative visual systems, interconnected data networks linking performers across mediums, and loads of new live music are just some of the ways Smith has described the upcoming shows.

“This tour is all about exploring the creativity that blossoms when the vibes are high and the energies are harmonized. I’ve spent the last 5 years experimenting, recharging, and building with the humans who will join me on these shows in order to create a crew and show where not even the sky is the limit. PL feels new again and ready to be shared with the fans.” - Derek Vincent Smith


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