Alberto Diaz

My name is Alberto Diaz and I have been djing since 2004 I Was born in New York but left after 10 years and moved to Miami,Florida  and now reside in Jacksonville,Florida. I first got into the scene in 1997 and fell in love with the music, vibe and the fellowship amongst the DJ, crowd and music. I love to dance and enjoy all genres of music. I have played all over Florida and have performed at many iconic clubs with many huge djs and artists. I do it for the love of the music and hope to make a positive change in the interaction I have with the crowd and hope to tell a story with my eclectic and unique sound. I can play pretty much any genre of music but I specialize in house, techno, breaks, tech-house, deep house, minimal, progressive house, trance, funky house, booty house, and whatever I can see the crowd is feeling so I can take you on a journey into sound.. 904. Wepa!