Austen van der Bleek

Before house music was a genre, it was a feeling. Austen van der Bleek’s understanding and embodiment of this places him well beyond his age, tapping into something much more timeless. Versatile, not limited by genres, and able to push the boundaries while pulling crowds along with him, Van der Bleek possesses an increasingly rare kind of DJ talent. Already his reputation precedes him as a force to be reckoned with, always influencing his surroundings and shaping tastes, never following the pack. Whether delivering for the dance floor or amplifying an atmosphere, fans of Van der Bleek’s note his funky style and appreciate that they can always expect the unexpected. An old soul at heart, the young DJ has won over many of Florida’s gatekeepers and even praises from his house heroes, including King Britt, Roy Davis Jr., and Kai Alce. As a co-founder of the Open House Conspiracy collective and events, he’s played host to legends the likes of François K, K-HAND, Robert Owens, Mike Dunn, and Charles Webster. Through his charity efforts with turn(the)tables on, Van der Bleek has advocated for the LGTBQ+ community, women in dance music, and hunger, raising and reaching thousands for organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank, GMHC, and International Women’s Day.

His passion, dedication, and hard work has lead to sets at some of the South East’s best festivals and gigs across the United States, including cities like Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, and more, as well as internationally, with appearances in Mexico City and Cartagena.