J. Worra

Jamie Sitter, a.k.a. “J. Worra” is a rising force in the underground scene, best known for her creativity as a producer and skills behind the decks. She lends these unique skills to every area of her life spanning music, fashion and art. Her most recent tracks include “On the Run” featuring Vanessa Michaels and Kaleena Zanders, “Are You Not Afraid” remix for Deadmau5 and Shotty Horroh and “Ride or Cry,” both released on Mau5trap Records.

Emanating from Chicago has had an imminent impact on J.Worra’s music trajectory. Having caught the music bug at a young age, she begged her parents to buy her music lessons, but to no avail. Without giving up hope, she bought an electric piano and an old acoustic guitar found at a garage sale to start. Eventually her curiosity led her to electronic music in 2010 when she bought production software, self-teaching with Google and YouTube as the occasional mentors. Jamie’s passion, with a mixture of strong work ethic, helped her develop a baseline of knowledge and skills.

Early in her career, Jamie won various DJ competitions for Groove Cruise and Spring Awakening Music Festival. Those wins quickly equated to various club shows and notable festival plays throughout the years at Dirtybird Campout, Lightning In a Bottle, HARD, CRSSD, Beyond Wonderland, Holy Ship!, Splash House, EDC, and Coachella.  

In the last two years, Jamie has been climbing the ranks and gaining recognition from notable industry trades such as Insomniac, DJ Mag and Mixmag. These skills have secured releases on various labels like Insomniac’s In/Rotation, Sweat It Out, Perfect Driver, Mau5trap (official remix for Deadmau5), an official remix for Kaskade’s anthemic ‘Tight’ ft. Madge, and has upcoming releases planned with Thrive Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records. Currently, Jamie is working on unreleased music and preparing for an album in 2020.

Recently, she has launched her own record label imprint called Arrow Recordings (Worra spelled backwards) as an outlet to showcase her productions and collaborations with artists that push boundaries. While the label is not currently taking submissions, eventually they will unearth artists the world will want to hear. Fans can also expect unique, fashion-forward designs from the Arrow Clothing line.

Presently, she lives in Los Angeles with her Bischon Poodle named Peter. When she’s not performing, Jamie likes to cook and support local charities addressing mental illness, support for LGBTQ youth and animal rescue. 

As Jamie’s meteoric rise continues to unfold, she’ll be remembered as someone who pushed boundaries and makes a positive impact on the world.