Kaleigh Baker’s Someday Honey

Formed in early 2018, 3 St. Petersburg musicians and an Orlando Transplant came together for a series of Monday night musical excursions at St. Pete’s greatest listening Room, Hideaway Cafe. What they didn’t know was that the combination of individual styles would become a undeniably sweet amalgamation.

They are WONKY TONK; A Honey coined emotionally harmonic synthesis of Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Soul with Good old fashioned Americana undertones.

“The group stirred together Appalachian country, blues, hints of gospel and a predilection for Tom Waits, earning a standing ovation from a good portion of the crowd — myself included. The three guys in the band chipped in rough-hewn harmonies, full-bodied acoustic bass, solid drumming, and playfully idiosyncratic guitar work. Someday Honey’s rootsy reworking of Waits’ “Jockey Full of Bourbon” induced knowing grins. They followed up with a whimsical original titled “What Would Tom Waits Do?,” before which Baker quipped, “What can I say? We like him.”-Creative Loafing