Levitation Jones

The infamous rockstar of bass music steps up to the plate with a rule-bending, curve-ball approach. Levitation Jones, Brian Gardner, is regarded as a young veteran of the underground music and festival scene. First gaining the respect from the crowd for spinning some of the most genre-less and gloomy music out there, Jones has really leveled up as a producer to match the heat in those sets, not limited to popular tracks ‘New Kid’ and ‘Larry’, with plenty of hits and cult favorites.

Being a standard producer/DJ is far from Levitation’s knack, however. Hosting radio and podcast shows, curating the notorious ‘Heterodox’ compilation, being a pioneer of weird bass, and touring the U.S. with a Danley Sound Labs rig rounds out some of the weird-man’s multi-faceted rap sheet. LJ has dipped his toes in many waters, approaching the industry from a fan-first perspective.

Parodying an egotistical rockstar loosely based on himself, the Jones character is often used as commentary on the insignificant triflings of the day-to-day, providing a much-needed distraction. A modern-day bard, the entertainment mindset fuels the rambunctious live antics, satirical persona, and even viral memes of your favorite villain. 

Levitation Jones makes art for people who don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time, encourages introspection and reflection.