Dear Spirit Lake Artist Community-

For ten years, Hulaween’s Spirit Lake has slowly and surely grown from a land imbued with an inescapable magic to all who tread upon it. This sacred land has been watered with the incredible hard work and talent of our artists and production teams  and fertilized by the sun of true Love for bringing visions to life here in so-called “reality.” The Spirit Lake community is as organic as they come, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. For our 10th anniversary, we’re taking things up a notch, starting with this first-ever official Spirit Lake Art RFP (below!), new organizational systems, and some new team members, including yours truly. 

Like a leaf through paper, we’re first focusing on connecting the inherent narrative bubbling throughout the years to the surface of Spirit Lake. We’re adding new pieces to a story where every artist and installation is seen and highlighted as we move the tale of what emerges in Spirit Lake.

Our goal this year is to weave Spirit Lake into an elegant tapestry of mini worlds. These independent yet fluidly connected zones allow us to present artists and installations in a way that adds extra notes of connection for both the artists and the festival attendees experiences. With this newly organized flow, we are working to bring to a life a map where each installation will be highlighted, with plenty left for special discovery. 

This year we are encouraging seasoned and new artists to pitch all your dearest concepts. From large-scale sculptural work, through all kinds of interactive explorations. We’re inviting all angles ranging from new technologies, to grand and even miniature handmade pieces. 

Please carefully review the below RFP before submitting your work. There you’ll be linked to a detailed form providing specific instructions on delivering a compelling pitch. 

Remember, one of our goals is always to have people return home with even larger hearts and minds than when they arrived, so please send us your best for the tenth anniversary of a swamp that has shown us nothing less than absolute magic.

We can’t wait to see what you have to offer. 

With Love & Respect, 

Spirit Lake Production Team + Hula HQ


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