Liquid Stranger



Liquid Stranger is a producer and DJ hailing from Varberg, Sweden who was born on November 13th 1978. Since his debut in 2003 he has been hailed as “the epitome of traditional dubstep”, and is regarded as one of the most influential producers of his generation. Born Martin Stääf on the West Coast of Sweden, Liquid Stranger’s first musical excursion was playing classical piano from a very early age. Stääf was a natural talent on the instrument, and was playing concerts by the time he was six years old, however, as he neared his tenth birthday he started becoming more interested in synthesizers than Stravinsky. By the time he hit his teens he’d completely lost interest in classical music and began producing electronica in his every waking hour. By the time Stääf was 19 he’d formed Necton with fellow producer Patrik Olsén, but while the band signed to Spirit Zone Recordings and released two studio albums, Stääf was beginning his solo career, releasing an abundance of singles and compilation records on a number of different record labels. Necton folded in 2003, and it was then that Stääf made his debut as Liquid Stranger, releasing his debut single “It Came From The Dessert” the very same year. Ever Since then, Stääf has remained one of the most prolific electronica artists of this millennium, releasing six studio albums, eight E.Ps and nine singles in a little over a decade. His music has been a major influence on sounds and scenes ranging from dubstep to funky house to ambient and everything in between, and for that, he comes highly recommended.